For Students

Talk to your parents

If you are not happy with Religious Practices at your school, the first people you should talk to are your parents.  They are the most likely to understand your point of view.  Show them the parent page on this website.  You may want to ask them if they think it is appropriate for you to do something else while Religious Instruction is on.

Talk to your teacher

Let your teacher know if you are not comfortable with Religious Practices at you school.  They may be able to arrange for you to do something else.
If you do not get an appropriate response from your teacher, you can speak to your school Principal.  If you do not have a supportive adult to take along, the Secular Education Network may be able to provide you with a volunteer.

Talk to someone from your church

If you practice a religion other than that which is conducted at your school.  Discuss with someone from your church how the practice conflicts with your beliefs.

If you are Buddhist you may like to visit Secular Buddhism New Zealand.

If you are Jewish you may find the ADL website helpful.

Good Without God

If you are one of an increasing number of young people who are choosing to live without God, you may like to visit Kids Without God, a site for young people around the world who are dedicated to being Good Without A God!

Secular Student Alliance

The Secular Students Alliance is an American group and are encouraging students to start their own groups.

Understanding your rights

The Secular Education network may be able to help you understand your rights.  Firstly, you need to know what type of school you go to, as the rules may be different at different types of schools.

A good place to start is the Human rights Commission.  They have written a document called Religion in New Zealand Schools.  If you think your human rights may have been breached you can make an enquiry with the Human rights Commission.

You may also like to refer to the Human rights Act.