Board of Trustees

Ultimately the schools Board of Trutsees make decisions about the running of Religious Instruction.  You can meet with your school principal, but it is unlikely that the Board will be aware of any issues with Religious Instruction.  Start by writing a letter to your Board of Trustees to bring the issue to their attention.  You should highlight whichever aspect of your schools Religious Instruction is most concerning to you.  It is best if you can attend the Board Meeting and ask if you can read your letter to the Board or give a short speech, this will make it harder for them to ignore.  We also suggest that you join our facebook group and post a comment there asking for support in your area.  It is likely that there are other parents who feel the same as you and a local SEN member may be available to attend a board meeting as your support person.

Here is an excellent example of a speech give to a Board of Trustees.   Pippa Jinks Speech to her Board of Trustees

Make sure in your letter that you ask for a response.  Here is an example of a letter to a School Board.


The Board of Trustees
XXXXX School
Dear Board of Trustees:
We are writing to complain about the schools communication with parents regarding the Values in Action (VIA) program.  Specifically the religious content and the right to withdrawal children.
After our daughter was told dinosaurs never existed, we attended VIA sessions.  From the name “Values in Action” we never expected the bulk of the class to be Religious.
Other parents we’ve spoken to are not aware of the nature of these classes. Of all the parents, only two attended the VIA open day. We feel many would be concerned if they knew the nature of these classes.
Both the school and VIA downplay the religious content.
We cannot reconcile the non-religious claims with the facts:
  • The school is officially closed for “religious instruction” during this time.
  • The founding documents of the trust operating VIA shows clear religious intent.
  • Children are handed a bible to read from.
  • Children are told to “put themselves with Jesus”.
We ask the board to follow up.  Insuring that parents understand;
  • That this is Religious Instruction.
  • It’s not taught by school staff.
  • That the school is legally closed during this time.
  • And that they are entitled to opt-out.
Most importantly the name “Values in Action” in correspondence by itself is unclear.
Thank you for your time and attention.