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Sunday, TV One [June 28, 2015]
Seven Sharp, TV One. Secular Education Network’s David Hines on St Helier School [Mar 4 2014]

Auckland father is taking his son’s school to the Human Rights Commission [Jan 14, 2014]

Melissa Muirhead appearing on Breakfast. St Heliers Bay Primary [Jan 27, 2014]

Mission Field: Education not expected. (16 min documentary).
Rev Clay Nelson – Call to remove Bible in Schools
Peter Harrison speaks on separation of Church and State in NZ

Part One of one families experience with Religous Instruction in a New Zealand State school

Religion in schools on Campbell Live, TV3, March 2010



David Hines sermon on Bible in School


Radio NZ. Bibles in Schools; sound values teaching for children or indoctrination by stealth? (Part 1) (Part 2)


Religion In Schools, NZ Herald


[7/3/2014] “opt-out” system can be struck down.

[7/3/2014] St Helier Primary removes RI.

[7/3/2014] Milson School removes RI.

Parents split over religion classes in primary school, Mahurangi Matters, May 2013

Parent irked at bible lessons shortcut, 28th April 2013

Church leader opposes Bible teaching in schools, TV3 online, Jan 26, 2013

Bible-class-stance-dismays-father, Dec 2012, Red Beach School

When Teaching Becomes Preaching, werewolf, Oct 2012

Parents say no to religious education, North Shore times, Sept 18, 2012

Spreading the message, BOP Times, Sept 16, 2012
Bible classes cut after campaign,, September 7, 2012

School wants to teach creationism, Dominion Post, Aug 19, 2012

Schools drop Bible as interest falls, NZ Herald July 10,2012
Bibles in schools divide leaders,, July 27, 2012

Reading Writing and Religion? Really, NZ Herald, July 19, 2012

Anglican leader calls for an end to Bible study in schools, ONE News, July 17, 2012

Church leader wants school Bible ban,, July 17, 2012

Church leader opposes Bible teaching in schools, 3 News, July 17, 2012
School Bible lessons ‘un-Christian’ – reverend,, July 17, 2012
Keep religion out of schools – Teen, Wanganui Chronicle, July 14, 2012
Christians target schools in ‘mission’, June 24, 2012

Is Conservative party leader Colin Craig a creationist? May 14, 2012

Christian education programme in false claim row - NZ Herald, April 2009

Intelligent design – coming to a school near you, Aug 27, 2005


School Religious Instruction Inappropriate, by LUELLA WHEELER

Religion in Schools, by Dylan Reeve

Talking about religion and schools – Kyle Church Interview With Peter Harrison, scoop, April 2013

Bible -bashing barbarism must end, by Sue Bradford, Pundit, Dec, 2012

When Teaching Becomes Preaching,, Oct, 2012
Let’s keep an open mind, NZ Herald, Aug 19, 2012

Mixing values and Jesus in secular education, June 5, 2012

The case for a secular education system, by Michael Nugent


Taking-God-School Fewer Australians now practise a religion or believe in God than ever. Yet our governments increasingly push conservative Christianity on our children.

Nearly forty per cent of secondary students attend a private school, which are overwhelmingly Christian. Canberra funds them heavily, and sends evangelical Christian chaplains into both public and private schools. Some states subsidise Christian volunteers to deliver religious instruction, and some make Christian ministry a matriculation subject.

Some Christian schools promote Creationism, and some advertise that their first priority is training ‘soldiers’ to ‘do battle for the Lord in a world which rejects His laws and dominion’, rather than good citizens of Australia.

Marion Maddox demonstrates that our governments are systematically demolishing the once proud free, compulsory and secular education system, in favour of taxpayer-funded dogma and division. The implications are unsettling for our society and for our democracy.

The Good News Club - The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children
“The biggest thing I remember about religion in the 50′s is we were taught to respect other people’s religious beliefs. That appears to be distressingly absent in today’s Evangelical Christians. On no occasion was it acceptable practice to impose our religion upon others, regardless of whether that person’s religion was right or wrong. That was immaterial to our parents and religious institutions both. Even the Fundamentalist ones didn’t not indulge in such shabby behaviour.  The Christian Fundamentalist of today is something I do not recognize as being anything close to what I remember being Christian as a child.”

Godly Schools?: Some Approaches to Christian Education in New Zealand by Brian Gilling

Academic Papers

Religious Education as Subjugated Knowledge Access to the sharing of religious culture in New Zealand primary schools by Helen Bradstock

Review of Religion in Life Published by ACCESS Ministries by Professor Marion Maddox BA Hons PhD PhD

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